What are they?

The Recycling Wheel is a low-cost way to tell people how and what can be recycled.

They can be customised in terms of text, images and colours. Both sides of the wheel can be used, or the reverse can be used for advertising space.

The wheel is made with thick laminated card and held together with a brass eyelet. They last well with regular use and are genuinely easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. This combination means the wheels tend to be kept rather than lost or thrown away like many simple leaflets.

Other organisations such as leisure centres and supermarkets can also benefit by promoting their recycling facilities, thus encouraging customer loyalty.

How do they work?

  • The outer wheel has the item to be recycled e.g. yoghurt pots
  • Spin the inner wheel until the arrow points to the item
  • The cut-out window on the inner wheel will reveal a colour
  • This colour corresponds to a key which tells you where to dispose of the item e.g. yoghurt pots go into your green refuse bin