Our ‘Standard’ format wheel is made of three printed parts, held together with a brass eyelet. The overall dimensions are 140mm diameter. This is just under A5 size and works well with other printed publications. The card weight is 300gsm and is fully laminated to prolong the life and tactile appeal of the product. We have seen samples that have been in use since 2004 which are still in excellent condition.

The standard specification allows for full colour printing on both sides of the large central wheel, and printing on the outer side of the two smaller inner wheels. Each side of the outer wheel and inner wheel can be different. This allows you, for example, to split the list of recyclable materials over both sides, or to use one side for the materials and the other side for bring sites or additional information, even sponsorship. For Ceredigion, we produced wheels with the information in English on one side, and Welsh on the other. Corporate logos and other details can all be accommodated.

Green credentials

The wheels are printed in full colour using vegetable dye based inks. The card is manufactured using materials from a sustainable source including post-consumer waste. It is elemental chlorine free and meets Forestry Stewardship Council regulations. The brass eyelet is sourced locally and is the most durable method of joining the elements together.

Four Recycling Wheels